Thursday, February 26, 2009

today i think my joy must be about the joys of the UFC

hubby and i have been watching the ufc for about a year now, and we love it... but when we try to tell people about it and share the joy, all we get back are scrunched up confused faces... other people just dont seem to get it yet... but we think its going to be major... and we already have favorite fighters...

mine would have to be Georges St Pierre. He is the current belt holder at 170lbs.... and is well hot! ahem i mean is a very good fighter. in fact he recently just gave the 155 belt holder BJ Penn a smackdown when BJ came up to 170 ot try to take his belt! Well done GSP!

its rumoured that he will take on Anderson Silva- long thought by many as the best pound for pound mixed martial arts fighter ( mma) in the world! Bring it on i say- if anyone can beat him its Georges!!!

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